How it works

You earn rewards by purchasing Hill's products at your Vet Practice and recording them in your account with a proof of purchase. The steps are:

First, you purchase Hill's products from your Vet Practice.

Next, you record your purchase in your account (after registration) and upload the invoice your Vet Practice gave you as proof of purchase.

Detailed steps can be found below.

Note that purchases from retailers other than your veterinarian do not qualify for rewards credit. Nor are purchases from your Vet Practice other than Hill's products.

Hill's will review your purchase and invoice to ensure it qualifies.

Hill's will then issue a rewards credit to your account

Detailed Steps

Use the following steps to record your purchase and earn credit.

  1. Enter the "Clinic ID" of the Vet Practice you purchased from to receive a reward. Please ask your veterinarian for this information. You will only have to do this once and thereafter it will be a saved selection.
  2. Add your product/s utilising the scanning feature, or alternatively enter the barcode manually. You can find the barcode on the package, but it varies based on the type of package chosen:
    • For dry bags, you’ll find the barcode on the bottom, or bottom side. Add all digits below the barcode - (it will be a 11/12 digit number (you can include or exclude the zero for it to work)).
    • For wet cans, you will find the barcode on the can label.
    • For wet pouches, you will find the barcode on the back part of the package or in the cardboard box.
  3. Once you scan or manually type in the barcode, you will then need to upload your invoice or receipt as proof of purchase. On the "Upload Invoice" screen you can take a picture of the detailed invoice (which includes the clinic and product purchase detail) and attach it to your purchase.

    You will get the following awards depending on the size of the product:

    • Can 1g - 84g - €0.21
    • Can/Pouch 85g - 154g - €0.42
    • Can 155g - 156g - €0.29
    • Can 157g - 370g - €0.58
    • Other 371g - 999g - €1.17
    • Bag 1kg - 3Kg - €5.00
    • Bag 4kg - 9kg - €7.00
    • Bag >10kg - €12.00
    • Pouch Box (12 x 85g) - €5.00
    • Wet Trays (Canine) - €7.00
    • Wet Trays (Feline) (24 x 156g) - €7.00
    • Wet Trays (Feline) (24 x 85g) - €5.00
  4. Check your purchase summary and submit your purchase. You will receive an email to confirm the purchase has been received and is being validated. Once we verify your purchase (up to 7 days), your rewards account will be credited. Hill's will verify that the product was purchased at a Vet Practice as well as verify that the items submitted match the invoice.
  5. You’ll be able to request your payout when you accumulate €28 or more in your account. In order to do so:
    • Access the request payout area by clicking on the “get cashback” button.
    • After requesting your credit back you will receive a notification in your email where you will need to include your bank account details for the credit transfer.
    • Please note, the bank transfer process can take up to 15 business days and will show on your statement as Savi/NCH Marketing.

An itemised invoice, is a detailed invoice which contains a full breakdown of the products purchased during a vet visit. It helps us understand that you have purchased Hill's products and enables us to know what products you've purchased to ensure you are correctly rewarded.

When you attach your itemised invoice, please ensure that it contains the following information for our team to review:

  • Clinic name and address
  • Your name
  • Date of purchase
  • Detailed Hill's product name
  • Product size
  • Quantity of product purchased

      If this information is not present on the invoice, it will take our team longer to review and there is a chance that it will be rejected.

You can redeem your rewards right inside this programme. Once you have accumulated €28 you'll be eligible to transfer it directly to your bank.

Hill's has partnered with a company named Savi (NCH Marketing) to securely transfer funds to your bank.

Use the "Redeem / Get Cashback" button on your homescreen / dashboard to start the process.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer. Hill's will verify that your balance is sufficient and that the request is within the minimum and maximums allowed.

You will then be redirected to a secure online form where you can safely enter your bank details so the payment can be processed. Alternatively, you will also receive an automatic email from Hill's with a link to a secure webpage where you can enter your bank information.

Provided your bank details are correct, the money will be transferred to your bank within 14 working days and will show on your statement as Savi/NCH Marketing. We highly recommend you double check your bank details are correct ahead of submission.

You can find your Rewards Balance on your "Dashboard" which is immediately visible after you log in.

You can access your rewards history under your Rewards Balance by clicking "History." There you will see all verified purchases credited to you, as well as any redemptions made.

Please note that only verified purchases will be visible in your Rewards History

The "Clinic ID" is a number (typically 5, 6 or 7 digits) that identifies your Vet Practice so that Hill's knows where the product was purchased and that it qualifies for rewards credit.

Please ask your Vet Practice staff for this number when you purchase your product. You will not be able to qualify for rewards credit without it.

This will vary slightly based on the type of product purchased:

  • For dry food, you will find the barcode on the bottom or bottom side of the bag, it is barcode with a 12 digit number under it, example:
    "0 5274 2917 9" though this will work if you exclude the zero
  • For cans, you will find the barcode on the can label.
  • For pouches, you will find the barcode on the back part of the package or in the cardboard box.

You can either scan the barcode using the scanner (the camera icon) or key it in manually.

If you key it in, be sure to enter ALL the numbers you see under the barcode, not just the ones in the middle (although you may exclude the zero). This would include any digits on the far left and right.

Here's what it looks like:

This would be keyed in as "052742430805"

Remember to take a photo of the barcode (on the bag/can) before disposing of the packaging if you want to claim loyalty at a later point. Alternatively, reach out to us and we'll try our best to help.

If you have purchased more than one product from your Vet Practice, and they are all on the same invoice, then you should enter them all, one by one, in the 'Record Purchase & Earn Rewards' section.

After you have entered one product, click "Add Product" again, and scan the next product .... up to as many products as are on the invoice.

You can only upload one invoice per purchase, so if you have more than once invoice, you must record those purchases separately.

In the event that you have forgotten or mistakenly missed out a product you've purchased, you will be able to create a new claim with the same invoice submitted against your claim.

Please note that you can upload any given invoice only once or it will be flagged as a duplicate transaction and credit will not be awarded (apart from the exception mentioned above).

You will have received an email which explains the reason/s behind your claim being rejected. These can include:

  • Invoice date exceeds 6 month limit.
  • Product doesn't match your invoice.
  • Invoice is not legible/or attached to the claim.
  • Claim does not contain an invoice issued by your vet with full product detail and breakdown by quantity/cost.
  • Vet clinic on the invoice does not match the clinic selected for the claim.

If your claim has been rejected, we will require you to create a new claim.

If you still find that you need help, please email us at hills4you_loyaltyuk+roi@hillspet.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you within five working days. We will work with our partner Valassis (NCH Marketing) to update you on your query.

If you still haven't received the expected payment in your bank within 14 working days, please email hillsloyaltyhelp@saviuk.co.uk and our partner Savi/NCH Marketing will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Savi/NCH Marketing will be able to update you on any queries regarding payments, but please be aware that this process can take up to three weeks due to potential bank delays and feedback regarding payments which is unfortunately out of their and Hill's control. Savi (NCH Marketing) will do their utmost to keep you updated during this process and you may also reach out to us on hills4you_loyaltyuk+roi@hillspet.com and we’ll do our best to support you.